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Speciality Classes

Grab your friends and join the fun! Synchronized skating is the fastest growing part of figure

skating – with the grace of ballet, the elegance of ice dancing and the beauty of pair skating all

combined into an amazing group performance on ice.

All ISI synchronized teams have between 8-24 skaters. ISI synchronized events are divided into

3 categories: Formation, Skating and Dance. For more information about our teams, call Jamie Belden at 727-536-5843.


Formation teams are newer teams doing basic formations with basic skating skills and mainly

forward skating. Backward skating can be done on 2-feet only. Lifts and rotation jumps are not

allowed in the formation category. This is a great way for teams to learn the basics of

synchronized skating.

Skating team have already mastered the basics of synchronized skating and execute superior

formations with speed, difficulty and accuracy. There is a minimum of stops and 2-foot skating

in the skating category. Teams should have smooth transitions and effortless performance.

Unison, cleanness and speed are expected. Lifts are permitted in the Teen Skating events only.

Dance teams have more flexible choreography with all skaters moving in unison utilizing dance

steps and skating moves to produce a well-rounded program. Teams can focus on a particular

type of dance, such as tap, ballet, jazz – or including folk dances from various countries of the


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